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Openfire on Mac 10.15.5

I installed Openfire on a Mac and it is running. Users can connect and communicate. The only issue is that it only runs if I leave the terminal running the command ./openfire.sh. If I stop the terminal it give me the message that it is halting server. I have read through postings - which are years old - but can’t find anything to apply to this issue. It appears the installer needs some love on the Mac since it doesn’t install the proper settings to run the server. Anyone have an idea?

It is normal behavior. Sice you started script on terminal, terminating it there or exiting the terminal will definitely kill it. If you want it to run as “service” then you need to instruct your OS to do so.

See this link. There might be many others explaining the same thing

Thanks for your help but it appears I have bigger problems. I rebooted the Mac and I cannot start the service at all. I’ve futzed with this for several days and can’t get it to run properly mainly because Mac doesn’t include jdk with a vanilla install and I am lost in java.

Is there anyone that has a working install of openfire on Mac Catalina (10.15.5)?

I haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet,am using High High Sierra. Where did you fail exactly? I use JDK I downloaded and installed from Oracle but you can install openjdk using brew

Thanks mtangoo for your reply. I installed a fresh copy of Catalina - which of course doesn’t have JDK installed. I installed a copy of OpenJDK using adopt open AND home brew. I have removed and installed openfire 3-4 times and when I start using the pref pane it says “there is a pref error”. I think that Java is my problem since I don’t know anything about Java and following all the posts I can find online, it still doesn’t start. Can you share what your steps were to install? Maybe I can find the problem. I don’t have anything else on my network that uses Java but I have to come up with a XMPP server by Monday.
I have a couple of Raspberry Pi’s that I could install Deb or ubuntu and openfire but I really wanted to use this Mac box.

check answers I posted here: Fail to start openfire 4.3.0 on MacOS Mojave(Version: 10.14.2)

One think I don’t use is prefs panel