Openfire on Ubuntu - frequent crashes

Dear all,

I am experiencing frequent crashes of my Openfire server on Ubuntu.

Stopping and restarting did not help.

By going through some of the logs it appeared that it might be an issue with hsqldb and some other process trying to access the same database.

What I do usually do is do a brute-force shutdown:

  • ps aux | grep hsqldb
  • sudo kill -KILL “PID”

Afterwards when I restart the server it does not start but rather hangs and waits that I visit Admin login page:

and do initialization as if server was runned for the first time.

Surprisingly enough it keeps all data intact, except some config info that needs to be set up.

Please help me debug the issue.

I share the logs in the attachment.


openfire_log.tar (8273920 Bytes)