Openfire on VPS shared hosting

I have virtual server (VPS) with virtual hosting configured and few website runes on that server.

I have installed openfire successfully, check the files after installation and started the services successfully.

When I type http://:9090

Openfore setup page does not appear ?

Can anyone advice, really appreciate ?

Maybe try IP address instead of hostname? Also check firewall - is 9090 open? Check the hosts file has your IP address and hostname and not just localhost.localdomain? Are there any redirects/conflicts between websites running on eg apache and the inbuilt openfire http server - maybe apache is trying to respond to http and locking somehow - check config… Also check you are running openjdk-7-jre for 3.10 nightlies, openjdk-6-jre won’t work for 3.10 and even openjdk-7-jre-headless won’t work for some reason. I have no problem on a KVM vps, running Debian.