Openfire on Windows Server 2008 R2

Everything seems to have installed correctly when i installed openfire 3.9.3 on windows server 2008 r2, I have turned the openfire server firewall off, gets me to the openfire config pages but if i try to access the openfire server using http://192.168.1.X:9090/index.jsp from another computer… i get “the webpage is not available”

Also …i have installed spark on another machine. When i try to put in my username, password and server … it tells me “Cant connect to server”

Any idea on what im missing? Thanks for any info

Are you sure you have disabled firewall? How exactly have you done this? It has a few profiles (domain, public), so you have to disable both or correct one. Or better, just add TCP incoming ports 9090, 5222 and 9091 (if using SSL for Admin Console) in the domain profile, if you server is in the domain.