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Openfire on Windows Server 2016 refuses to connect to our Active Directory server

Hi all,
We’re currently in the middle of an Openfire deployment, and I’m experiencing an issue on version 4.1.6 where no matter which format I use (I’ve tried CN=,OU=,DC=domainname,DC=org, the UPN, and everything in between for the openfire administrator account, and nothing. Test connection fails every time with the vague “check supplied credentials” error message. I know they credentials are correct; otherwise the account wouldn’t be able to log in itself. Quick thought, can the name of the AD account that is the admin account have a space in it? Could that be the issue, I wonder? Because our Openfire administrator account does, in fact, have one. Any more info I can provide, please let me know, because this is driving me fifteen kinds of bonkers. Thanks for the hand in advance, guys; very much appreciated!

the admin account used for ldap is a bit misleading. if youre running a default AD, a normal domain users account can be used. this account is only used for ldap searches and does not require elevated access.
Id suggest making doing the following: make your base dn the root of your domain(dc=domainname,dc=org) and then use accountname@domainname.org

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Thanks for that; very helpful! Does it matter that the users in our directory are not in the default OU? We have a sort of custom OU structure; it’s not default at all, I’ll tell you that. The DC=domainname,DC=Org is I think the only variant with the UPN I’ve not tried.

the OU structure does matter…the BASE DN is the starting level of the search, which is why I suggest using the root of the domain. search filters can be used later on to exclude or include more specific information.

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I just tried that as you’ve suggested; nothing, still a error authenticating, check supplied credentials message. I’ve checked the credentials a couple times, though, so I know they are correct.