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Openfire - Outlook Calendar Integration (and presence)

Reviewed the above, which states that there is an “enterprise plugin” that integrates Openfire with Outlook Calendar… An ideas, anyone?

that would be very cool, and the article does suggest that. but from here it looks like it didn’t happen

but the article could also mean the asterisk plugin adds outlook functionality to call. not sure though because I couldn’t find that either.


Like Jason said, to the best of my knowledge that sort of integration with Outlook/Exchange never happened. Such integration would certainly be possible but would most likely require purchasing a commercial license from a company that provides a Java <-> Exchange api. Licenses to that type of api would are in the $1000-2000 range so if someone were to develop a commercial plugin its cost would probably be at least 2x that price. Compared to some other “enterprise” class software those prices aren’t that expensive but to a lot of smaller companies it might be more than they’re willing to spend.



maybe not so much on the price

looks like others here


I am not a developer though so it does help me

also others giving it a try

http://social.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/ucintegrationwithoffice/thread/929d62a1 -9ed4-46ef-b325-a9b165cb39b8/


but I don’t know if any of that helps.

the above should say I am not a developer though so it DOESN’T help me :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the links. Looks like the Java/Exchange api landscape has changed since I last looked into it. I believe the commercial api that was the most impressive awhile back was J-Integra and that’s where I was getting my pricing info from. That j-XChange project certainly looks promising.