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Openfire Pàdé 1.5.0 released

Ignite Realtime community is happy to be able to announce the release of Openfire Pàdé version 1.5.0

This version does not implement any new functionality. It only upgrades to the latest Jitsi Meet code. Please note that this version breaks the In-progress meeting list feature. If this is essential for you, please stay on version 1.4.1.

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I have installed latest Padé snapshot 1.5.1 on my homeserver at https://myvidconf.free-solutions.org It is running OF 4.6.3
Congrats and thanks for doing this new release, will try out now :slight_smile:

Hi Dele,
May I ask (as I cannot seem to find any clear instructions) How can one login to Pade Converse that is installed on ones own server? As it does not recognize the user accounts on our server and the default action is to suggest using your “pade” server. But that defeats the aim if one has installed it on their own server. Every other client (including offmeet) works its just “pade Converse” we have never been able to access as we have not been able to figure out the riddle to it.

Are there any clear steps on how to create this valid XMPP account using ones own server?
This is what one sees on the login form:

“…Please enter the XMPP provider to register with:…”

But it does not recognize our own server credentials so is there any instructions on how to go about setting up the credentials on ones own server to use with this?
Like I said we have those 6 or so SRV records all setup on our Domain Registers but still cant seem to use our own server for pade converse. It would be nice to one day soon see this Pade Converse in action using our own server so if you could assist with directives that would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

Sorry, Pade documentation is non-existent.

To configure settings in order to login, go to https://your_server:7443/pade/options.html

For example, see

Here, you can set the domain name, server name, bosh url, websocket URL, etc for the user trying to login. Please not that if you enable user registration on your openfire server, disable websockets as there is a non issue with this. User registration only works with BOSH.

To configure the settings globally for everyone, go to https://your_server:9091/plugins/pade/converse-settings.jsp

Here, you can set the default domain name, server name, bosh url, websocket URL, etc for everyone.

Dear Dele,
Many thanks for the guide. Before I embark on following the instructions may I ask 2 things:

  1. I assume to disable “websockets” that means in the “Branding” to the bottom under the “w” section it is to change “useWebsocket” to “false”?

  2. What is Bosh in this context? And should the url in that input field be https://our-server-DNS-name:7443/http-bind/

OR should it be something else?

Finally, I assume when these steps are done then “Login” via our own server (where you have the login form that says “…Dont have a chat account…Create an account… Fetch registration form…”" will work?

Hi Dele,

I have for the first time ever somehow logged in by clicking the grey button on the login/display section of that “Settings/Connections” page:
Firstly, I must say although nothing is setup and working for us yet when logged in but I am overjoyed that there is finally something open source to compare with WhatsApp and hopefully bring some privacy back to humanity.

That said the challenge now is to get things working…LOL!

  1. What about the “regular” way of LOGIN using the standard server and port/pade URL where you get that “Pade Converse” LOGIN page requesting the XMPP address and Password. How would our users be able to login through there as I still cant login even after using this Settings/Connections grey button to do so!
    Obviously the normal login page is more convenient for “users” to use to login and create accounts so what may I ask are we doing wrong (or not doing) that that page is NOT working?

  2. I tried to click the video icon on the top side of the left hand dark brown menu next to the Preference/Settings cog wheel. But it does nothing! I assume its supposed to connect somehow to the jitsi implementation included in Openfire? How would one get that working properly?

  3. Finally when an ordinary (non-admin) user is to click on the Preference/settings cog-wheel is that user also privi to all those settings/parameters that one sees on the settings page that opens? I ask because coming from a security background I always first consider damage control as giving access to all those parameters for an ordinary user is a lot of “freedom” to give an ordinary user.