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Openfire Pàdé 1.5.1 released

Ignite Realtime community is happy to be able to announce the release of Openfire Pàdé version 1.5.1

Thank you to droobah who contributed this PR which does the following to Jitsi Meet:

  1. Adds the ability to disable the built-in JVB. By doing this, external JVBs can be utilized to help increase the scalability. For example, we are using 3 external JVBs in this setup with the internal one disabled.

  2. Fixes the NTLM implementation that was in the code for SSO on Linux. Also has a change to remove the automatic document refresh when using SSO. In our environment, leaving that part out would cause the meetings page to constantly refresh and not login properly via SSO. My feeling is this issue does not happen when Openfire is run under Windows.

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