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Openfire/PADE/Jitsi Documentation (config location etc)

Hello There!

So I’ve been using Openfire as a replacement for Zoom in the last couple of days and it’s working quite good, now I need to make a few customizations, I found the html part of ofmeet at


But I was wondering where the jitsi config files are (the ones setting up authentication with openfire etc)

And as I understand, the jitsi bridge used here is a custom one? Meaning I would not be able to just download jitsi and replicate the auth configuration ? (that’s why I wanted to understand the jitsi-openfire config file structure).

Once again congrats for all the efforts done by the Openfire/Igniterealtime team.

config.js and interface_config.js are being generated from Java code using the settings entered from the openfire admin web console. You can modify the values in javascript using config_custom.js or add you own javascript file by modifying index.html

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