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Openfire Pade v1.0.0 problem with Jitsi Meet users

We’re very pleased with the function and performance of Openfire Pade v1.0.0 and only recently discovered this problem:

Jitsi users are disabled as soon as there are 3 connections to the meeting

By disabled, I mean that video and voice both disappear although text messages seem to be exchanged.

In the past, the ‘3rd user’ problem was almost always a problem with the Focus User or the misrouting of network traffic. This is NOT the problem now because many users (more than 3) will work properly from Windows or Ubuntu or MacBooks or Android devices. However iPhone users (always Jitsi) or Android users (choosing Jitsi) experience the same problem.

We’ve re-created the problem using v1.0.0 as well as v1.0.1 and have re-created the problem at https://pade.chat

Let me know if I can try anything else or provide additional testing. Right now, we’re telling the iPhone people to get a real phone, but they don’t like hearing this.

I’m appending some log entries that try to present our testing, I’m also attaching an upload of the log entries that might be easier to read. I’m hoping these logs are meaningful to someone more familiar with the Openfire Pade components than I am.

PadeLog.rtf (141.6 KB)