OpenFire - Passwords after DB-Change not valid anymore


I’ve change the DB of out OperFire-Server from the local embeded DB to MySQL and dont have any access with the old passwords.

Differs the encryption of the passwords between the embedded-DB and MySQL?

What is the easiest Way to set new-Password to every User?

I don’t know why, but the Plugins, also the “Import-Export User”, won’t work any more (but this problem exists longer)


the passwords should still work fine. Do you see any errors in the log files? Does Openfire connect to the new database?



I use the Manual-Transfer from

I setup an “new” Openfire System with an Connection to MySQL and stop Openfire.

The Connection to the Database and via the Admin-Console works fine.

Then I use a copy of the openfire.script file.

In this new file, I changes the Column-Names to the MySQL-Schema (Upper/Lower-Cases) and import the Data into the MySQL-Database via the Import-Function of PHPmyAdmin.

After restart of Openfire, I could connect via the Admin-Console to Openfie.

I can’t connect into Openfire via Spark with the old Password.

After I changed my Spark-Password via the Admin-Console, I am able to connect.

But with over 390 Users, I can’t change the Password for all of them.

So I swichted back zu the embeded DB.

I tried the “Import-Export-User” Plugin, but when I whant to export the Useres onto the screen, I get only an “empty” Page.

My system is a virtual Debian-Lenny

Hi Hansjörg,

I did never hear of a “I could connect via the Admin-Console to Openfie. I can’t connect into Openfire via Spark with the old Password.” problem before.

One may have this problem when the xmpp.domain does not match as one does need to specify during the web console login but it does not explain what did happen after your migration.

So it seems that there is something more which is different during login but one may need to debug this in Eclipse or take a very close look at the source code to find the bug if any.


I mean, it was possible to log-in with the admin-account.

This password has been set while setting up Openfire with the database-typ MySQL not embedded-db.

The passwords of the other users have been imported.

After I changed the Password of one use, this used habe been able to connect. And after adding this User to the Admin-Group, this user also can connect via the Admin-Console.

Withe the new set password of this User.

In MySQL this password looks different to the same Password (same Letters/Numers) within the embedded DB.

Hi Hansjörg,

Openfire uses OFPROPERTY.passwordKey to encrypt the passwords. If this key is changed then all passwords get invalid.

Did you migrate the whole database as I did expect or did you import most of the old data into the new one?



I used the methode published here to megrate vom in embedded DB to MySQL.

So I creadted the new DB in MySQL and importeg the needed tables vie the Import-Function of PHPmyadmin.

And than, noboy can log in