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Openfire, Pidgin and internet clients


I have openfire 3.6.0 installed on a Cent OS 5.2 machine. The machine is connected to a firewall and i have forwarded port 5222 for the machine on the firewall. I have checked and verified that the port has been forwarded and working fine. The client we are using is Pidgin. The server’s FQDN is operations.xxxx.com and i have created an A record in the dns and it is working fine as well. But when a person from a remote place tries to connect to the machine he gets Read error and not getting connected. Any fix/workaround/solution please?


I have an update. I have updated openfire from 3.6.0 to 3.6.4 the latest version. The problem still persists. Any one help please?

Hve u tried disabling the firewall and trying it out ?

Yes I ahve tried it. Still no go. I tried it out of LAN with spark. Spark comes back with an error message that invalid username/password. The same works under LAN