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Openfire ping interval client offline but openfire shows online resulting in lost messages


I have openfire instance with its ping interval to 5 min. During that interval if client goes offline openfire still shows it online till its next ping. If there is message published for that client openfire delivers as successful while in fact client is offline. This causes loss of message. has any one resolved this issue ?



Well, it is obvious - make your ping value lower. Why you have it on 5 minutes? If you set it too low, you may have issues with clients randomly disconnecting. But you can find a value which works fine for your network, like 20-30 seconds. This won’t solve the issue, but will make it appear less.

The complete solution would be to use a client supporting XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts on both sides of the conversation. This way if message wasn’t delivered, the sender will receive a notification about that from his client. But that’s it, it won’t try to send it again on itself. I don’t know which clients support that already. Spark still doesn’t (SPARK-1238), though Smack (the underlying library of Spark) has it, so maybe at some day Spark will support this too.

I am using bounce setting already but how to resolve this false status and not bouncing messages not delivered. If tcp and not UDP then openfire should detect. I already reduced to 30 sec.


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