Openfire Plugin: Content Filter causes Email Loop

I installed and configured content filter plugin in Openfire web admin. See attached files(can’t insert picture)

Then it triggered email loop to my mail server, after I tested it with a content filtered word sending it to user focus.

See attached file mail_flood.png.

The issue is, if content filter plugin is enabled and is tested with a word that cause it to trigger the alert email message, and that testing is sent to user “focus”(system created user), it will cause email loop to my mail server.

How can I stop this?

Please note that, I reset the openfire service to no avail.

I uninstalled and reinstalled openfire to no avail.

Restarted the zimbra mail server to no avail.

Rebooted the mail server, but still receiving those content filter alert email even if no openfire service is running.

Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.