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OPENFIRE - Qnap - Android client

Hi, I’ve installed Openfire server on Qnap serwer.
I don’t know how to connect xmpp android apk to Openfire ?
I’ve installed conversations apk, but I can’t configure it to working with Openfire.

My local IP ex.:
My qnap ID ex.: myname.myqnapcloud.com
My username ex.: test-1122@o2.nl
My domain name ex.: testing-9

What is xmpp adress ? I tried this but without success test-1122@o2.nl@myname.myqnapcloud.com:5222

It is uncommon to have an @ character in your Openfire username. Are you sure that is correct?

Your XMPP address will be <username>@<xmppdomain>

If the XMPP domain does not resolve directly through DNS (if there is no DNS A Record for the domain name that points at the IP address of the server that is hosting Openfire), then a DNS SRV record is needed. This SRV record will look up what server is providing an XMPP service.

If all else fails, most clients will allow you to manually set/override the hostname or IP address of the XMPP server to be used for a particular account. Conversations allows for this, but you might need to enable that feature through its ‘advanced settings’ option.

Hi, I see that all of that apps use other kind of credentials.
For Conversations as username need manually input test-1122@testing-9 but for xjabber only test-1122. You have right, my mistake with username which is without “@”.
Thanks for your advice, manually set username, IP and port did the job. I’m not sure if it helped, but I forward ports 5222 and 5223.

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