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Openfire quit working after 2 years - "not authorized" Error on clients

Hi All,

So i am very new to Openfire. Server was inherited with job and it always did it’s job until Friday, i believe it updated to 3.8.1 on its own because thats what it is running now and i didn’t update it. All clents get a not Authorized error when attempting to connect. I have read thru 2 days worth of online posts from 2008 to current but still can’t fix this. Original guy didn’t document the admin pass i have tried to login to the web consule using every variation of the admin account to no avail. Edited the openfire.xml to let me run setup again. The fields were all filled in already with the correct data as far as i can tell.

Running on Centos server


Server settings




Database settings

Standard database connection









Profile settings: connection settings

Directory Server (LDAP)

Active directory

(host name).domainname.local Port: 636 (ssl)



*use SSL selected

**User mapping **

sAMAccountName (all default)

__user filter: (objectClass=person)(!(objectclass=computer))(!(cn=BesAdmin))(!(cn=IUSE))(!(c n=(IWAM))(!(useraccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)))

Group mapping is all default

group filter: (objectClass=group)

Now when i get to the next step of adding admin account i get the error “No username was provided or the specified username was not found.”

the Test Settings buttons do nothing i have read that this seems normal but i can’t move past this part.

I have installed a new windows 2003 server to give a clean install a go but i run into the exact same thing when i get to this point even trying the embbeded database. i do not know how to figure out where the break is. any help would be greatly appreciated.




I can’t tell you what your error is, but I can tell you that the server definitely did not “update itself”.


Very Helpful.

You should honestly just install it on Ubuntu instead of Centos, i’ve never had a single problem getting everything working on a fresh Ubuntu install.

I do have to re-itterate what the guy above has said though, the server cannot simply update itself, you need to download the package from the website and run it on the server.

I was simply trying to point out that your assertion that the server has not been touched in 2 years is wrong. It was updated by someone very recently since the server is not capable of updating itself and 3.8.1 is only about 2 weeks old.

This information may not fix your problem, but it does point out that someone may have messed up the upgrade, and that someone else that you are not aware of is apparently also administering the server.

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Have you tried using the openldap commands to test connectivity to AD?

You might also want to disable SSL for LDAP and see if that helps. Maybe when Openfire was updated, it overwrote any truststore that was in place to allow connectivity to LDAP?

Anything in error.log related to LDAP? Any other errors?

Reinstalling the OS seems like an extreme solution, considering Openfire is a Java application, so doesn’t really care what the OS is. I might argue I’ve never had a problem with OF on CentOS too (I have, but they have all been OF or config issues, and unrelated to OS).

He’s already reinstalled everything on a windows server once if you have a look at his first post

Missed that. Reinforces that it’s an LDAP/SSL issue.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

So about the server updates. This is what happened, for a week i had been receiving messages from the server like these

Conversation with brassmedia.local at 3/14/2013 3:49:47 AM on devinsimpson@brassmedia.local/ (jabber)

(3:49:47 AM) brassmedia.local: A server or plugin update was found: Openfire 3.8.1

(3:49:49 AM) brassmedia.local: A server or plugin update was found: Monitoring Service 1.3.0

Then on the 15th all my users started getting errors when the client software tried to connect and the server was running 3.8.1… Since I’m the only one that has access to the server I just assumed it was a plugin or service the the previous IT guy installed that keeps it automatically updated. I’m sure there are logs that can tell me but i’d have to get to them from the command line since i can’t access the console and I haven’t started looking into how yet.

As of now i have my 2003 server running anyway, just one issue with Mac users running Adium not showing the other users logged in like my Spark or Pidgin users.

Thanks again