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Openfire resets to default each time the server is rebooted

Good morning everyone!

I have an issue with the Openfire server portion, it seems every time the server is rebooted I have to reconfigure the server from scratch. I have googled around and noticed people were mentioning that in the .xml file there may be a setup flag which is causing this, but in my .xml there is no setup indicator. Any tips would be appreciated! I am running openfire 4.1.5.



I suspect this is a permissions problem that when you go through the setup process, openfire fails to write to the openfire.xml file at the end. How did you install openfire? When you finish the setup, please review openfire’s logs for any permission failures for writing. Is your openfire.xml file empty? It has no <setup> found inside currently?

Thank for the response, we ran the installer as an administrator and installed it to the root of C:. This is on a Small business server 2011 and it looks like the .xml is just set to the default. There is no mention of a setup in the .xml.

So what is included in the openfire.xml file?

I have attached a link to the .xml for you to look at, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3lYffnWtyH5cF9yWmM0WGQybUU/view?usp=sharing

Strange, there is no database information there either. You could try adding <setup>true</setup> within the <jive> tag and see what happens

I will give it a shot! Is there an example of what the .xml should look like?

Whoa, maybe I need to review how this now currently works. Here’s the github file

Hmm that looks pretty much the same, would you like the error log?

all.log would be best, are you sure you are not seeing OF-1298

I am not seeing that but i am seeing an Address already in use : bind


Those errors are important. Make sure that any previous installs of Openfire are first stopped/shutdown and nothing else on the server is binding to port 9090

Hmm I am showing that 9090 is listening currently with nothing bound.