Openfire REST API - Create Service

Does the API have the ability to add a Service?

In Group Chat there is a dropdown listing all the Services.

conference being the default.

Group Chat

Group Chat Settings

Service Summary

Create New Service

You can create a Service here and it is passed as a Query string parameter in a lot of the APIs.


Retrieve all chat rooms

GET /chatrooms

Parameter Type
Default value
The name of the Group Chat Service
conference none#retrieve-all-chat-rooms

Docos none or=none


If I recall correctly, you can create a room using a new service, and it will create the service automatically. I may be wrong though, but if it can save you time, it’s worth a try.

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Indeed it does, just tested, thanks for this.


Content-Type: application/json


“roomName”: “global”,

“naturalName”: “global-2”,

“description”: “Global chat room”


I’d noticed other APIs tried to create a user/group if it didn’t exist too.