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Openfire Returning 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERRO when User already exist

Hi all,

I’m getting 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR while trying to create user via REST API.
Later I found that User ID already exist. Is there any other way to get different response when user already exist (instead of 500 internal server error)?

Openfire 4.3.2
REST API 1.3.7

Make sure you are sending the “Accept” header too.

Same error here. I am using postman to test and sending Accept, for sure.

Nothing found for this issue, facing this from 2 week.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve created a ticket in the bugtracker for this to be fixed: https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-restAPI-plugin/issues/35

How much time it takes? i need it very fast.

I’m sorry to hear this is giving you problems. Although this community strives to help everyone, please remember that all of our products and services are provided by volunteers, and are made available to you free of charge.

If you need this very fast, there are a couple of things that you can do:

  • The project is an open source software project. You can easily obtain all source code, supply a fix for the problem yourself.
  • You can hire someone to fix the problem for you. The project is a very generic Java application. You should have no problem finding suitable developers. You could reach out to the authors of the plugin. Alternatively, this website lists a directory of professional partners* for this purpose, but it’s likely that any experienced Java developer would be able to apply the changes that you need.

I am a little surprised that there is so much urgency for you. After all, the desired fix basically replaces one error message with another error message. Is this the intended fix that you’re after?

* Disclaimer: I’m listed there myself.