Openfire s2s problems

Hi all. There has been a problem on the server for several months now. Some servers work normally with s2s, while others after some time begin to work only for incoming ones, rebooting helps, but for a while. Help correct these errors, because people from other servers cannot contact us.

Remote server timeout.
A remote server or service specified as part or all of the JID of the intended recipient (or required to fulfill a request) could not be contacted within a reasonable amount of time.
Stream closed by local host: Idle connection (connection-timeout)

version 4.7.5 (try 1 week ago to update 4.8.1 but start more problems after update)
11.0.23 Debian – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

we ready to pay money for help and consultation. Thanks.

Everything is checked, the firewall is disabled, the version is 475

I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into these issues. It sounds like you’re running into network connectivity issues, but I am unsure how rebooting servers would fix those - if only temporarily.

It might be best to diagnose the running system(s) over time, to be able to determine what changes, and what the causes are of outages. Having (debug) logs available will make this easier too.

We have a directory of service providers that you can contact for help. You can find that directory here: Ignite Realtime: Support - Professional Partners. My personal company, GoodBytes, is listed there as well.