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Openfire says "There was an error one importing private key and signed certificate." when importing a private key and certficate


i have a private key and certificate i’d like to use with openfire. i nagivate to server -> server settings -> server certificates -> import [ http://:9090/import-certificate.jsp ] and provide the pem data for the key and certificate. when i click save, openfire says “There was an error one importing private key and signed certificate.”.

how can i find out what specifically the error was?



Are you including the certificates which signed your cert? In the certificate section, just paste all of them in.

Or use keytool from the command line to setup the JKS properly.

thanks, i was finally able to sort this out.

openfire requires that the key be protected with a passphrase. after adding a passphrase to the key, i was able to successfully import the key and certificate. note that neither of the two superior certificates in the chain of trust were required for the import process to happen successfully.

on that note, is there a particular place where openfire bug reports [or similar] can be submitted?

if openfire [or java, whatever] wants to require keys be protected with passphrases, that’s fine, but when a key is submitted without one, a message stating that should be returned instead of “there was an error…”