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Openfire scalability architecture


I want to sketch out an architecture for how we can scale out with our solution, which is using openfire.

I know we can use connection managers, but when we grow out of that, what do we do.

Is there a paper describing a typical openfire scale-out solution, i prefer that to a scale-up.

I have seen the papers on scalability tests, but 10K users is not that impressive, as need to comfortable at least at

a 200K user level to be able to continue using openfire.

So, what are the experiences? What is the proposed strategy?

Thanks for all input, I’ll be happy to summarize any feedback in a little “paper” is that is desired.

I have been searching around for a description, but can not find anything. Sorry if I overlooked something that

described what I am asking for. Any pointers appreciated.



Oh, found a post essentially stating that scaling-out is currently not possible. Is that so? How do you propose a

business that needs to support 200K users use openfire? Suggestions on strategy?




It would probably be best to wait for clustering support. Gato mentioned that he was able to get more than 100K connections on a single node with the new clustering code.

Another option would be to use connection managers. If you had enough of these you could scale to 200K as well. The downside is that you have a single point of failure.



Whilst that’s technically correct, from my understanding, clustering support will only be available in the enterprise product.

At $15/user/year, it’ll be a tad prohibitive with 200,000 users!

I think if you are buying a 200,000 user license you might be able to negotiate.


What is the maximum capacity of the clustering version?



As mentioned here, we’ve hit 500,000 users using a 2 node cluster in our internal testing: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2007/10/31/openfire-unleash ed

Hi David

Would you mind send me the price for such a version so that it can scale

to 1,000,000 concurrent users?

Best Regards


Please contact sales@jivesoftware.com about that. I’m sure we can work out something reasonable

Our load tests were limited by running out of computers to generate load with, not by the server, so 1 million users sounds like a very achievable goal.

$15 per user and year according to http://www.jivesoftware.com/pricing/ … $15,000,000 (;

Like I said, I’m sure he can work something out with sales.

Hi David,

why should he? You don’t think that $15,000,000 is too much, do you? (;


Actually, In our case, it is possible to scale out the system to support 1,000,000 users and it is not necessary to use enterprise/clustering version.

We can cluster the free version by S2S because we do not have 'Single Domain" constrain. We code our own client side and hide the multiple domain from client API. In addition, we do registration through our own server module which is totally a separate process to write to database.

Furthermore, we can switch jabber server to different jabber server implementation by switching the db registration module. Example, we can easily to switch to jabberd 1.x or jabberd 2.x.

However, if a single domain could make us easy to do maintainence and the price is reasonable, we will consider.



Dear All,

Thanks for you interest.

So this is my conclusion.

With our current set up we can support 70-100 K users. Our OF plugin has been doing a lot of work,but we are moving that out. In fact, we will probably embark on a strategy where we move more and more functions out of OF. We will need to support millions of users, and functionality beyond just chat and presence.

We like to use OF enterprise for HA and scalability, but at $15/user that is a non starter. Obviously I will check with Jive to see what can be done there.

We are dependent on single domain.

So current strategy:

(1) Use OF for precense and chat only, not for to much additional functionality. Keep as OF agnostic as possible intil we know if we can afford to scale-out using OF.

(2) Move out our valua add to parallel architecture that we can scale.

Just wanted to summarize my conclusions.

Dear Jari, David, Peter, Lg,

Is it not that the above threads are all talking about “concurrent” load of half a million on the 2 node cluster; which then translated to 1 million concurrent users with some high end clustering that is available only in Enterprise version ?

In such a case, the registered users; assuming will be in 1:10 ratio should be 10 million registered users on the server and then your cost must be like $ 15 * 10 million which will be truly un-viable for any business proposition!

Sincerely, either the developers must consider releasing some level of clustering solution to open source community or it must allow clustering totally as part of open source…if we need to rely on OF for all the future expansions keeping in mind…

It will be good actually to hear from some moderators / developers here on this thread…

Kusumba S

Hi Kusumba,

As Nate said above if you need clustering in order to support hundreds of thousands of users I’m sure Jive (sales@jivesoftware.com) would be willing to work with you on pricing.



How many maximum number of users openfire can support at a time?How many maximum number of users can chat at a time?