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Openfire server 4.3.0 won't update to 4.3.2 nor 4.4.0

Hello, first post for me. Unfortunately, it’s a cry for help… Since updating my Openfire server to 4.3.0, it’s been stuck there. With the release of 4.3.2 and now 4.4.0, the installer seems to run just fin with no errors, but the admin login page still reports 4.3.0 is installed and that there’s a new version available.

Any ideas? What can I do to get it updated? Help, please!

Thanks in advance.

did you try changing from a 32 bit to 64? if so, you may have missed the step that required you to manually change the path in the installer. 64bit installer will not migrate or detect a 32 bit install. This is pretty common issue (with all kinds of software) when trying to move from one arch to another.

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Not at this point. My prior upgrade TO 4.3.0 was 32bit to 64bit. But, is currently 64bit… But, maybe that’s something still holding over? I’ll have a check…

Nope, that’s not it. It detects the previous install just fine and asked to update, then proceeds to uninstall previous version and install the new. I watched the server processes end and start back up again at the end of the install. There’s only one place in the Program Files folder (not x86) and that’s where the running server processess are located. Full path is: C:\Program Files\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe.

Thanks for the suggestion, @speedy . Was worth a look.

Any other ideas or suggestions out there?

When you were using some version prior 4.3.0 and it was 32-bit, it was probably in Program files (x86) folder. How exactly have you upgraded to 4.3.0 64-bit? Usually in that case installer won’t detect Openfire installed and will suggest installing into not x86 folder. So you have to point to x86 folder ant it will install 64-bit version into that folder. But you tell your Openfire now is no in x86 folder, so you did something differently. Maybe you still have Openfire in not x86 folder and it is running from there.

I believe I did a clean install to 4.3.0 (x64). It was a simpler setup than it is now. It would be more difficult to re-install? As stated before, the running processes for the server is shown to be C:\Program Files\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe according to task manager. I have not been able to locate any other directory with Openfire in it.

You can try the clean install, i guess. First make a backup of a whole Openfire folder (and stop Openfire before doing a backup). Then run Uninstall. Then delete everything that is left behind. Install new version of Openfire and then copy from a backup /conf, /embedded-db, /resources/security.

That looks to have done the trick, @wroot. I had to also copy the plugins folder, but things seem to be working and version number on the admin page matches.


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