Openfire Server - CentOS

Im planning to build Openfire server for 80-100 spark users LAN and WAN. Any recommended hardware specs? Does the Openfire server use large size of bandwidth?

Thank you.

Just for chatting, not very much of bandwidth.

Thank you for the quick reply wroot.

how about with the hardware specs? by the way which is better to install openfire server windows 7 pro 64bit or centos?

thank you.@wroot

There are no strict requirements for a particular number of users. Back in the days i was running it on a Pentium III 500 MHz + 64 MB RAM box (no-GUI Linux) for ~80-100 users. Openfire became more memory hungry during the years. So you might want to have say 1 GB of RAM and then dedicate more memory (like ~640-768) to JVM via Xms settings (Openfire: Installation Guide - Custom Parameters). I was running it on Linux for many years, but starting with 3.9.3 it became unstable. So, i have moved to Windows Server 2008 R2 (same codebase as Windows 7) and since then it runs smoothly.

i will go to windows 7, thank you for your help @wroot

Just be sure to install a service for it and not use it with a graphical launcher. So you won’t have to keep it logged in to work. Also suggest to install to c:\openfire instead of program files folder, so you won’t have to deal with UAC protection.

Any modern CPU will be enough. Openfire doesn’t require much processing power.

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im installing openfire server to windows 7 pro 64bit, do i need to install xampp?

No. XAMPP is for a web server. Openfire already has everything it needs in itself. Maybe the name let to a confusion. XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) and XAMPP (X-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) has nothing in common

thank you once again wroot.