Openfire server deb upgrade


I am runnig on debian jessie and openfire server 3.10.0

How is the best procedure to update on openfire server 3.10.1 with new deb package ?

Is enough to just dpkg -i openfire.deb or I have to stop server and backup home dir and after update rewrite date back from backedup data.

Should I again join openfire to AD domain ?


Where are all important files of openfire.

Thank you for any helps.

Best regards Filip.

hi there!

Today i did an update from 3.10.0 to 3.10.1.

I did perform the following steps:

  1. stop openfire (during setup there is a msg that it tries to stop openfire anyway, did this just to be on the safe side)

  2. i ran a dpkg -i without any addtional parameters.

  3. openfire was started automatically after the update

Concerning your backup question: Ask yourself “Do i need a backup and maybe the possibility to roll back?” if yes - go and backup things.

Important files… hm. Differs where you installed them.

have a look at /usr/share/openfire

and, maybe you are running a mysql db also, you also would need to dump this.

Kind regards


As far as i know you don’t need to copy anything back as long as you are not reverting to backed up state.

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Yes, I was stop openfire with service openfire stop and ran dpkg -i

Update was simply copy new date over older version and done. After this I was start openfire and everything works.

I back uop whole virtual machiny in vmware :slight_smile: