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Openfire Server Hardware Suggestions

Good Day All,

I am new to the OpenFire side of Spark. I am setting up our first permanent OpenFire server. I set up a testing server to become acclimated with OpenFire and it is working great. Now the task is to get ready for deployment for 400 users. If I were to install this on a Windows 2012 or 2016 virtual server, what capacities of RAM and hard drive space are required for optimal end user experience? How many processors and cores would be suggested? Also, would using the DB in the software or an external DB produce better results, in general?


External DB is considered faster and more reliable, also easier to maintain and backup. Though i was always using the embedded one myself.

Thank you for posting this info. It does give me some direction. Thanks!

Hi Jason, do you now have the hardware requirements. please share