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Openfire server in DMZ and Voice Chat problem

Hello everybody !

I’m testing openfire and spark for my company.

We are using a Cisco PIX firewall (7.0.2) and we installed openfire on a server located in our DMZ

Actuallly we have a problem with voice chat.

To be more precisely, from all PC in our internal lan, connecting to the server in DMZ, voice chat runs properly.

When we try to bring up a voice chat with host out of our internal lan (internet) we recieve the following error message:

Session closed due to unable to negotiate session. This may be caused by firewallconfiguration problem

Below the rules we created on our PIX.

**a. Openfire DMZ server **to Internal LAN permitted ports: 5222,5223,5229,5269,7070,7443, 7777

**b. Internal LAN **to **Openfire DMZ server **permitted ports: 5222,5223,5229,5269,7070,7443, 7777

c. From internet to Openfire DMZ server permitted ports: 5222,5223,5229,5269,7070,7443, 7777

d**. Openfire DMZ server** to Internet: ALL

What we have forgot to do ???