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Openfire server install location

The small business I work for is on Windows Server 2003. When I installed Openfire server, it localized to my work machine. How can I install the Openfire server so that it will be perpetual on our server, instead of requiring my machine to be on and running the Openfire server?

This is a problem because I’m in the habit of shutting down my machine at the end of every day, and several employees start their shift an hour earlier than me.


In case that was a bit vague:

I want to install Openfire server so that I don’t have to keep my PC on and running Openfire in order to allow employees to use Spark. I want Openfire to always be running regardless of whether my PC is on.

If you want to install Openfire on a server, then run the installer on the server and after the installation install it as a service, it is described in the documentation. If you want to move your existing installation, that’s another question. If you are using the embedded database, then you can copy it from its folder on your PC to a new installation. It may not work if you specify different server name when you install on that Windows 2003 Server, so it is better to use the old one. Or you can try reruning the web setup again after you have copied the old database and then specify the new name. Then the installer will probably fix name dependencies in the database. Not sure, but worth a try anyway.