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OpenFire server IP/servername FQDN in Red5 settings

My setup of Windows 2003 based Openfire 3.6.4 has the server name as openfire.domain.com, while users are setup as jid@domain.com. In the config it is defined as:

xmpp.domain = domain.com

xmpp.fqdn= openfire.domain.com

I installed Red5 plugin in OF, and the red5-plugin.jar in Spark. Unfortunetely the Spark plugin inists on using http://domain.com//… and not http://openfire.domain.com//… so the interface fails. I looked at the red5-plugin.jar properties but could not figure out where to implement the correct path. Any help is appreciated.
xep-0203.patch.zip (2785 Bytes)

I am also very interested in this. Any help would be appreciated.

Even i have the same issue in our organization, if anyone know the answer please let us know. Tempoarly im adding the chat.domain.com IP to domain.com in the host header of the client machine.

If anyone know the workaround please let me know.

Anyone find the solution ? If yes please let me know…

Same exact issue. The Red5 test URL server.domain.com:7070/red5 …all works great. However, from the Spark client with Red5 plugin it removes the server name and makes it just domain.com:7070/red5 which fails. If I append the server name into theURL it works.