Openfire server name change


I have an Openfire server running on Windows Server 2008, initially the system was setup using the server name matching the computer name for the windows install, we have setup up DNS entries to use for the connections on the clients as it is more usefriendly this way and these work. i want to now change the name of the server so it views itself as using that DNS entry so that the search service, JID’s and Conference services have the correct name after the @ symbol.

I would like to do this without loosing all the links on peoples accounts. is there a way to do this, and if so how is the best way to go about it ?

thank you

When I moved from my dev to prod server all I had to do was change the setup = true to false and then rerun the setup wizard but put in the new DNS info but leave everything else the same. If your users are all using incorrect JID’s since they were based on hostname before you can always just search and replace in the DB itself, or export the users modify them in excel then import them back in, that way either account will work.

Fair warning it’s been a bit since I did this so I would set a test environment before going full prod. Of course that’s pretty standard practice anyway… or should be.