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Openfire Server Rosterinfo for client and users not in roster

My server is not connected with LDAP and has no vcard information.

So how do i get for example my own Nickname from the server?

Is there an IQ i can send to query for roster information (nickname, group ) for any JID, the same as Vcard works?

Cause i cannot figure out how i can get this information out of the server.

So i need: My own Nickname and group

Need to find Nickname and group for people that are not in my roster. (but i do receive their jid)

I am using Jabber-net client btw.

I wrote my own IQ handlers for these purposes. Couldn’t find any other answers to this problem.

Did you write them for the openfire server or just clientside?
It his according to some XEP definition?

Pretty weird that it seems that there is no standard way to get the nickname out of openfire without vcard.

It takes just a bit of both. On a server side I’ve implemented an addressable component plugin that is processing an iq request for a nickname using an IQHandler class. By the way, I recommend using AbstractComponent from Tinder API for that, as it will ensure that if things go wrong, your whole server will not choke on those unprocessed stanzas.

On the client side you just need to send this iq request to your component and process the response.

Here’s the xml format that I’m using but it’s arbitrary, of course:

Yuriy Blokhin

MIght as well make it a general component for all users to request a nick of a user.

Still seems pretty strange that the procotol does not have this by default.

So i have 2 options here.

1 is save Vcard information for every user by default.

2 create own component for requesten usernames from the server for out of the roster users.

1 is quicker because i only need to save same basic vcard info whenever i add a user to the DB (directly in the db)

2 is nicer thought.

Btw do you know how you can get information about users not in your Roster? I need to find the Group name some user is in but he is not in my roster.

I join a chatroom with this person already in it , being invited true a third shared person. I offcourse miss the correct information about this user.