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Openfire server so far away spark users can connect to

Hello everyone, I’m very much satisfied with this Openfire software and Spark IM Client.

I have just setup a server “auzern” and I can connect to this using Spark and also register new users.

But there is 1 problem. When I told my friend to download Spark and then told him to join my server, he was unable to.

How do I configure it so that far away users can also join?

If they try to login using servername “auzern”, then this name should be resolvable (either in DNS or in their hosts file). Give us more info. Are they on your local network? Then they can try logging in using IP address of your machine. If they are outside your network you may have to open some ports on a router and forward them to your machine (5222 port at least). Also check your firewall whether it is not blocking incoming traffic to the port 5222.

Thank you for your reply, wroot.

They are not on my local network. They are outside.

Ok, I have opened ports 5222 both TCP and UDP on my router.

Now should I restart my server?

My address in openfire shows:


Should I open ports 9090 and 9091 both TCP and UDP also?

And will this now work?

You dont have to open 9090, 9091 as these ports are only for Admin Console.

I suppose your server name is not in DNS system, so outside users simply cant see it by its name. They should try putting external IP address of your router in the Server field.

Thanks for you reply again, wr00t.

So how do I create a server with DNS system. I have a website too. Is it possible to link its domain with Openfire?

I dont have any experience with Internet web server DNS system. At office we have put a record in Windows Server DNS service which is pointing all requests to “openfire_server” to the corresponding local IP. If you can manage DNS records in your web site/hosting management, then you can try doing this. Though i think this can be not possible to set a record for just “server”. It has to have the domain part i think, like .com. Then you can have problems if your server’s name won’t match this DNS record. I suggest to wait till someone with more experience replie here or search the forums for other threads about DNS SRV records. Also, DNS servers won’t update immediately. It usually takes some time, day or two.

Thank you very much for your support, wr00t.

Now what I thought was, I will bring all the users onto a virual private network and then open up a private server with just a name and then telling them to join in. Will this be possible?

Don’t know how will it work with the VPN. I think they still will have to use IP address instead of the name, but in this case maybe internal IP of your computer.

Thanks again, wr00t. I see my External IP keep changing. Is there any way to keep my eternal IP constant?

You can use such service like http://www.dyndns.com/

The best thing to do would be to contact your ISP and request a static ip. Of course a dynamic dns service would work, but isn’t always 100%

Thank you for your reply, wr00t and speedy.

I will ask my ISP about getting a static IP very soon.

I’m having problems with the DynDNS, it doesnt seem to work when I’m not in my LAN network.

Does anyone know about any free domain that I can assign for a VPN?