OpenFire | Server2008 -using past settings no longer works?

Trying to set my Base DN is nolonger working for some reason. I have screen shots here of my past config, -and still no go.

If anybody has some ideas or would like to take a look w/ Teamviewer or similar… i would be open to that!

OpenFire server has been rock solid up untill now, i am thinking some security updates could be causing the issue.

In the past i have had no issues with these settings… but now i am rather lost.

“Error connecting to LDAP server. Ensure that the directory server is running at the specified host name and port and that a firewall is not blocking access to the server”

Here is my Base DN: ou=“MyBusiness”,dc=“xxx”,dc=“local”

First you do not need the quotes. What is the other information from that screen. The error you are receiving has nothing to do with baseDN. It has to do with accessing the LDAP server. Either the server anme is entered incorrectly, or something is preventing communication. This could be caused by firewalls, more than one instance of openfire running, etc.

We had a issue with some extra security in the Group Policy domain controler:ldap server signing requirements.

Had to switch to port 636 and make sure SSL was On.

-No quotes though…that must be somewhat new.

Thanks for the help!