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Openfire-service.exe blocks https port 443 on Windows even if ofmeet is set to use only port 7443

It seems so if Openfire is installed on Windows and services inside OF using port 7443 are enabled and used, than the port 443 will be used along with port 7443, doesn’t matter if 443 is not set anywhere. With setting up a meeting e.g. using ofmeet the issue can be reproduced. The Web Application Server (Apache installed on the same machine in my case) won’t be able to manage (listen on) the standard https port anymore because OF will be hijacking the port 443 after the first call of such services of OF. It means openfire-service.exe will be allocating port 443, too. This is visible in Resource Monitor under tab Network. Please help to fix this issue, seems to be a hardcode somewhere in the code. I’m using OF version 4.3.2. Thanks!

As this is happening when using Ofmeet, i suggest raising an issue here https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-ofmeet-plugin/issues Although that still might be some root issue with Openfire itself, but i’m not a developer to tell this.