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Openfire-service.exe is running too high in task manager

I have been having this issue a lot lately since I have started adding more users and groups to openfire. The openfire-service.exe CPU rate is hanging around 80% to 90%. Causing CPU usage of 100%. I add my groups through AD and then add my users to those groups. I go into openfire admin console and to the groups section and click on the group I created and add that group name in the share with others in this group. It seems that the usage jumped up around this time period or shortly after. Now the Server is slow and the admin console is very slow at response. The only thing that fixes this is rebooting the server. I am running openfire 3.6.3 and the latest Spark.

Why is this happening? Please help.

have you adjusted the amout of memory openfire can use? this is done by adding a vmoptions file. see this info: http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html#windows

I have attached a sample file too.
openfire-service.vmoptions (20 Bytes)

Thanks, I will take a look at this to see if there are restrictions on the size. What version of Java should be running for openfire currently?

Java 6 is what i use.

Regaurding the issue of the high cpu usage for openfire-service.exe, does it matter that we are running openfire in a VMware environment? Speaking about the vmoptions etc. We have set a usage size for the VM itself, is this different from what you have suggested to try?

I have not tried the suggestion yet because my supervisor said he gave the VM a set size to use, The CPU was up to 100% CPU again today for the openfire-service.exe. Is there anything that would cause this service to run high, anything at all? It does not happen everyday. The last time was the 10th of Feb. and now the 24th of Feb.

I do have some Errors in my event viewer under System such as Event ID 11167-DnsApi and Event ID 6033-LsaSrv. Does this have anything to do with my issue?

Any help is appriciated. Thanks.

If openfire is maxing out its memory it will run high in task manager. you need to give it more memory to use. it defaults to 64MB which is not nearly enough with multiple users.

Our IT team was running vulenability scans on the systems which was freezing

up the IM server and causing it to run high CPU. The scans have been stopped as long as the server

stays up to date.