Openfire service issues

i currently have openfire server installed on a windows xp machine. i have the service installed and set up start with windows. the service seems to start just fine, but if anyone tries to login it says invalid username or password. but if i start the openfire server program (openfire.exe) it works just fine. in the server window it shows:

Error creating server listener on port 5269: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
Openfire 3.5.2 [Aug 4, 2008 10:39:17 AM]
Admin console listening at:
Starting Client Control Plugin
Starting Monitoring Plugin
Error starting server listener on port 5269: null

but if i close the program it logs off all my users, but they are able to relogin with the server program turned off.

i tried to search for an answer but was unable, so i thought i would ask. if i should post logs just let me know which ones and i’ll post them.

but they are able to relogin with the server program turned off.
I you can login, there is another server program running! Probably you have started Openfire twice. This would also explain why port 5269 is already bind.

Kill all running instances of Openfire and try again.

sorry if i wasn’t clear.

i have the service set to auto start. when i restart the computer the service starts. i try to login with spark. it says invalid user or password. then i start the openfire.exe it shows the message a put in. then people are able to login. then if i press the stop button or close button, anyone that was logged in it kicks off, but will let them login again.

it seems there is something in the process the the openfire.exe does that finishes starting the server.

If you have windows XP firewall running, you need to turn it off. Or should turn it off to test the service.

i turned it off. then i tried to restart the service and got the Error 1053: failed to start in a timely fashon

CORRECTION: i guess i tried to start it too soon. now it works just fine. i’ll restart and see if it works before login now. Thanks for all the help. it seems that the firewall was the problem, even though i had all the programs set as exeptions.

ok this is wierd. if i restart the computer it doesn’t work. i have to stop and start the service for it to work properly.

Since the service now allows you let people login I would say delete the service, reboot, and recreate the service. I always do this as a local admin, not a domain admin. Should not make a difference but sometimes it just does.

that did the trick, when i uninstalled it i had to restart before i could reintall it. but then i restarted it and it worked before logging in.

Thanks Guys!!