Openfire setup authenticating, but no one receives messages

Hi, first, system specs:

Openfire 3.9.3 installed on a Windows 2008 R2 Server (with relevant ports open).

My Client is Thunderbird’s XMPP Chat functionality.
This is for an Intranet at a small business company.

I’m testing this out as a replacement local chat system, as our current one is not satisfactory. However, I’m running into a program getting it to function correctly (thus the Title). I’ve tried using both ports 5222 & 5223 just to make sure SSL wasn’t getting in the way for whatever reason.

The issue is that when I first installed Openfire (via the .exe) on the server, I didn’t realize what Domain meant during setup, so I had to reinstall it later (I ran the uninstall then deleted the Program Files (x86) folder for Openfire). The domain was set to the server name, but we wanted it to be something different.

The first install, everything worked fine. I was manually inputting users. When I sent a message to another user through testing, they received it immediately. However, after reinstalling Openfire, I set the Domain to the correct name, and I set up LDAP so user management was easier. That part works fine, but now when I send a message, no one receives it. I can add contacts in my client fine, but the Openfire log (since I have message auditing enabled) doesn’t list my messages as sent, so I’m guessing they aren’t reaching the server, even though I can connect and add contacts fine.

I’m a bit new to this (XAMPP/Jabber & Openfire in general), so forgive any noobishness. Any help is appreciated.

I’m guessing that my reinstalling Openfire or enabling LDAP has caused the issue, but I have no certainty about that.


The error log from the time when I tried sending messages and it failed after setting up Openfire the second time (with LDAP and the correct domain) is attached to this message. If anyone needs more information, feel free to ask. (4328 Bytes)

And after reinstalling the program again, I realize now I don’t read instructions. It clearly states the following for the Domain tool tip:

Hostname or IP Address of this server.

So when I changed the Domain, it broke the connection to the server somehow.

While I set the correct IP address in the XMPP settings, which allowed me to sign in correctly, sending messages didn’t work, and I figure this was the issue as changing it back to the server’s host name fixed the issue.

What a weird problem to have…