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I am starting some development on openfire. I have scratched an itch and fixed $JAVA_HOME detection on linux when launching the server from a shell in the development environment.

I am linking the very simple patch:

http://community.igniterealtime.org/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/2379-102-1- 2727/openfire.sh_fix_jdk_detect_linux.patch.zip


Thanks, I filed OF-589 and applied your patch. We are always looking for developers, so please let us know if you would like to proceed with subversion access…


Hi Daryl,

I have submitted another couple of patches in this forum and I will probably have many more.

It is my interest that most openfire modifications made for my project get in the mainline quickly, so that I can always track and run on the “vanilla” code.

I’ll try to submit only very good stuff, but I still require supervision from a mantainer that can “sign off” on my modifications or point out errors.

How would that work with the subversion access you were talking about?


Thanks for your interest in helping. The best path is for you to get elevated Jira privs and then attach patches to tickets there (either old ones or new ones you raise). Guus can review your patches and then get you svn access fairly quickly. We are always desperate for help here, so we don’t turn people away looking to help.

I’ll look for your other patches in this forum and get your Jira account upped.