Openfire shared groups isolation

It was suggested long time ago. But maybe i’ll try again Now, to be able to restrict one group of seeing others, you have to go to every other group’s settings and specify what groups are allowed to see them. Would be useful to have a form with checkboxes for all groups in group’s settings, so one could select desired groups which should be visible for current group’s members.

Maybe this is a part of long standing Chinese walls JIRA ticket. Or maybe it can be achievable with Packet Filter plugin.

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Hi wroot, I seeing this topic was opened in 2007…

I´m having this work u said, about going on each group setting new shared settings, every time i create or modify a group… its too much boring!!!

Is this group isolation in shared groups already was maded by someone? I was trying to do direct on the Database, setting one group sharing restriction on database and copying to others with the same specification, no success…

I´m think this must be workin with cache too, but i didn´t wanna to fuck my server doing something wrong :X