OpenFire shuts down when I log out

I have recently upgraded my Openfire Server from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit. I configured it, and have everything running, but have a small problem. If I log out or close the OpenFire console box, it shuts down OpenFire, and the only way I can restart the server (OpenFire - Windows is unaffected) is to reinstall OpenFire. On reinstall, it finds all the correct settings, and everything is fine again. Is this an install part that I messed up? A Win2K8 64 bit “feature”?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Sounds like you didn’t actually install the Openfire Window’s service. That console box should not be necessary to run Openfire within Windows once the service is running. guide.html#windows


thanks, that looks like the right direction. Now, when I try to run the openfire-service /start command, I get “Could not open SCManager”. What am I missing?

Did you do the openfire-service /install command first?

Oh boy. It was user error. Once I logged in as admin, I could run it.

Thanks Klinstifen.

Did the install, did the start, got a “starting service ‘openfire’” reply. So, now i should be able to log out, and it will stay running?

Awesome. Glad it’s working now.

OK, close but no cigar. Service is running, but when I close the Openfire window, it shuts down. As in the client disconnects, and can’t reconnect. If I open the Openfire window on the server again, I get “Error starting the server. Please check the log files for more information. Server halted.”

So back where I started.

You don’t need the Openfire window. Close the window and stop the service. Then start the service and see if your client can connect.

That does the same thing - service stops, and the only way to get it back is to reinstall Openfire.

Sorry, I’m sure it is something simple, I just can’t figure it out.

Get it back? Are you saying the service is removed from services.msc after you logout/back in? Are you running openfire-service /install and openfire-service /start as an administrator? Is the openfire service startup type set to automatic or manual?

Get it back as in get it running again.

Service is not removed, but shuts down. I am running as admin (in Win2k8 I do it as Run as admin, even though I am logged in with an admin account). I don’t have to reinstall the service after I reinstall Openfire, but I do have to restart it. Service startup is set to Automatic, local system logon.

What if you just fire up services.msc from your local computer, connect to the server through that, and start the service from there? It sounds like you have conflicting openfire.exe’s running and the one attached to your login session is trumping the service.

I originally had Openfire running under Windows 2003, but have since moved to a Linux box. So maybe it’s a 2008 thing, but it sounds more like conflicting exe’s.

When I run services from my local computer, connect to the server, and then shut down my login on the server, it shuts down the openfire server, and in the services.msc (showing the server), the service is still running. I even restarted the service, and spark still would not connect.

Another point we tested yesterday; all the users are kicked out when I log out, and cannot get back in until I reinstall the OpenFire server.

Also, when I had to reinstall,instead of using my admin account, I reinstalled using “run as administrator” option. No change.I also noticed that, upon reinstall, the service does NOT start - even though Spark client connects. I started the service, but no change.

This is not a W2K8 “feature”. I just installed an instance on one of my W2K8 servers. When I closed the Openfire window the users were logged out (expected), but when I installed the service and started it the users stayed connected even after I logged out of the server.

Is there anything else on the server that could be using the Jabber port or maybe your database service is stopping when you log out? What are you authenticating against: LDAP, local DB, other?

When you are logged out of the server can you still access the openfire admin console via http://servername:9090?

I am authenticating against LDAP.

This server only has Symantec Backup Exec running on it, and Openfire. So if there is anything else blocking the port, I don’t know what it is.What port should I check? Maybe I need to make a firewall exception for it? I already have an exception for Openfire, Spark 5222 TCP, and Spark 5222 UDP through the firewall.

No, I can’t get to http://servername:9090 when I’m logged out.I CAN get to it when I’m logged in.

When I am logged out, the service is still running (verified that again).