Openfire soft restart


Sorry for my english, i was study it at school many years ago (-:

Week ago openfire server v. 3.5.1 was installed to my FreeBSD server from ports by me. All is working fine and it’s a server for very lazy sysop =).

Just one question: I have read at this site how to create another admin acoount and i wrote account administrator to the openfire.xml.

Then i create administrator account and try to login to the admin console. It was not successfull. I think, i need to restart openfire. But i have 200 users, who are talking now and if i restart server when i need, right now - they kill me (-:

How to reload configuration file? I see at some pages that in linux openfire script have option reload

My script in FreeBSD have this options:

root@jabber /usr/local/etc/openfire# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/openfire --help

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/openfire: unknown directive ‘–help’.

Usage: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/openfire fast|force|one (start|stop|restart|rcvar|status|poll)

I don’t know what means fast, force, one and status and poll

Can somebody explain me how to reload server conf without stopping it? Thx!

I have same problem with my openfire server, but I’m not doing soft restarts instead i have script that will cause openfire stop in 0:04 and start it again in 0:10 in the meantime I can prepare script to upgrade my server or edit config file.

I do it this way becouse I got problems with falling MUC,so better to restart server around lunch when it usuallz happens I restart the server at night…

Hm, yes, I’am too setup script to restart openfire at night. But, if linux users can reload config file - why BSD can’t? Must be a way to do this =)

I think its not about linux but about java on which openfire run.


I think that openfire use one version of java on all os types, isn’t it?

Hm, anyway, i think my co-workers will not see any changes of server’s work at night…

Tnx for answers, i will close topic.

You also need to stop Openfire before making the changes to openfire.xml.

Hm, explain pls, why i need to stop Openfire, when i want to modify openfire.xml? I have modified this file when openfire runs and have no troubles…