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OpenFire & Spam Accounts / Deleting

Hey folks,

Every once in a while i get 20k+ additional accounts that spammers created.

For cleanup reasons I would like to delte all Acconts that…

  • havent logged in for 1y+,

  • never logged in at all.

I tried some SQL foo, but never logged in acounts do not have an entry in the logged-out-table and also currently logged in accounts are not present in that table.

Anyone got a handy script that would cleanup this mess?

No one got a solution ? sigh

I haven’t looked at the sql tables, but does it give a date when the account was created? If so, you could write a script that would delete anything that was created more than a XXX ago, AND has a last logged out date as null or XXX ago. Something like that might work.