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Openfire/Spark - Advanced Search problem

Dear Community,

i have the follow problems with Spark.

    • I would like to add the possibility to search over Department, Phone or City but somehow this is not working over Spark. Interesting here that over the Openfire admin console is working without any problem. Over Spark is working only with Name and Mail, and every additional option will be displayed like this and the Search function it totally without functionality. I need to turn off the additional search option if i want the search to work over the client . The server is connected to LDAP (Windows Domain)
      You can find with GREENwhat i mean.


Here is what is set
Property Name: ldap.searchFields
Property Value: Name/cn,Department/department,City/l,Phone-Number/telephoneNumber

Property Name: ldap.searchFilter
Property Value: (&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(mail=*))

  1. How can i remove the JID from the search Option or just to moved to the last dispaly place?
    you can see marked with RED

OpenFire Ver - 4.4.3
Spark Ver - 2.8.3

Thank You

I’m not a developer, but i would guess that Spark only expects usual fields from Search plugin there (Username, Name, Emails) and would have to be adjusted (in its source code) to work with other and LDAP fields. I haven’t used LDAP. Do you mean you can search by say Department in Admin Console?

Same about JID. It would have to be fixed in the code (and then compile new version) to change the order.

Dear Wroot,

Thank you for the fast answer. Over the admin console you can configure every possible field and is working without any problem. I need to add over 3000 users and the possibilities to search with department or location will be very good option.

Do you mean you want to add 3000 users in one client manually? That’s a lot of work even with search working the way you want. Maybe you want to try shared groups in Admin Console and share groups with contacts to users automatically.

Yes, we will do it like this. We made over 160 security groups with department names and the users will be there. The groups will be filled automatically with power shell scripts over department attribute and openfire will sync them. Now we need to find solution for the search option and sso.

For SSO you may want to watch this tutorial How To: Video on setting up SSO/AD with Openfire
As for the search, i’m afraid it probably won’t work this way.

For the search - Maybe I need to search different client, because without working search engine, I cannot rollout the installation. I will get a lot of complaints. If you need to search somebody from example - from the financial department or from the it department, option like this will be necessary (not any more, nice to have).

The sso - I found this solution. I am working on the integration.

Maybe, but i don’t have anything to suggest other than a general list of XMPP clients https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html Not sure if any of them will support such custom fields/LDAP/SSO.

Same problem here. Any solution? myprepaidcenter