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Openfire / Spark Central Management

We just downloaded Openfire/ Spark and management is voiceing some concern.

We need the following to be centrally managed

  1. Disable the broadcast. No, I did not download a plugin. There is a broadcast option available by default. How to I disable this feature.

  2. Disable File tranfers. We do not want people to transfer any files AND Hyperlinks. This is a security concern.

  3. Disable custom messages. We Just want it to say available, idle, away , Do not disturb etc. We do NOT want people to be able to input their own stuff.

I read some posts talking about an enterprise version, but there were from 2006. Can the above be done?

Enterprise version is no more available. In original Spark you can’t block hyperlinks, or turn off custom statuses. You will have to modify the source and build your own version.

I’m going to agree with wroot, all those things are kind of built in and hard to take out. You can disable file transfer proxy, but that will only help if your clients are not in the same network. I don’t know what good disabling hyperlinks is, since you can really just copy/paste that into a browser anyway…

I found a plugin that disables file tranfers, which is great. I agree, hyperlinks are an overkill.

But what about disabling broadcast? I have over 1000+ employees, and do not want anyone to make a “mistake” and broadcast to the whole company a message.

What about custom messages? We do not want to have people publish “Busy Sleeping with Nancy” or such. We want it to have just the default messages.

Hmm, well broadcasts are again tough. It’s a messaging service so even if you disable the “quick” broadcast button (let’s say in spark) then people can still highlight all the user’s and send a message. I haven’t tried this, but in your system properties tab of your admin console there’s a broadcast.enabled setting (2nd line). Maybe try setting that to false?

Well, I do not mind if people select everyone. I just want that Broadcast button disabled.

I checked my Admin conole’s System Properties and I do not have any broadcast.enabled property name.

What about custom away messages?

Check this… version 3.6.4

I do not have that setting. Is this something I need to add?

What’s your setup? LDAP, Active Directory? What plugins do you have setup? I have client control, clustering, monitoring service and search

Yeah, you might want to check out client management plugin for this stuff. However, I think the custom messages will be tough to stop. I can’t readily think to do that. It’s a client side message that the server receives as part of a presence package I think.

Yes, installed it. It stops file transfers, but still allows broadcasts, even after disabled.

From both the screens I showed before? Are you using the spark client?

Yes, in Client Management I have everything disabled and it updated the System.Properties to False. I was still able to go on Spark client–> Actions --> Broadcast Message and able to select users and sent a broadcast message.

Windows were getting too small…

Did everybody receive the message or where the packets dropped silently?

Sent it to two people and they received it.

Do you use Spark 2.5.8? Because disabling of broadcast works with current SVN version and probably in 2.6.0 Beta. I mean it removes Broadcast entry from Actions menu and also from context menu if you right click a group. But there is still a contect menu entry for broadcast if you select a group of users and right click.

As we have said there is no way to disable custom presence messages. Hey, you cannot also prevent someone sending a message like “I’m sleeping with Nancy” You can’t control everything and probably there is no need for that. Most users don’t even know what presences do or mean.

Yes, I am using Spark 2.5.8.

How would I remove Broadcast from Action menu?

We already had users typing it, “Out Drinking for Lunch”, etc. We just want them to have have the basic messages of idle, away , busy etc.

How would I remove Broadcast from Action menu?

You can’t, at least with 2.5.8 version. and you won’t be able to disable custom status messages in any version. I suggest looking for other client or making your own (or editing Spark’s source and building your own).

I’ll second wroot on this. You don’t want Spark, you want a customized client for your needs or find another IM client that already meets your needs.