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OpenFire/Spark Permissions

I have managers outside of the IT department that need access to the message archiving. I would prefer NOT to give him complete admin privileges - as the last time I did, he deleted an entire portal on the intranet. Needless to say, I need to control who and what people are allowed to do. Can anyone point me to the documentation on this or tell me how?

At this point you have to be an admin to access the archives through the admin console. You could relatively easily build an “archive query page” that queries the database for this information though.

Is that something that I would have to do each time they want to look at the archives? Or something they can do from their console?

I would create a page that would allow whoever you specify to access the page and enter the apporpriate query parameters where the query would then execute–essentially a 3 page web application (login, query, results). Ugly but effective

That would work for me… are there instructions for that? (you cant tell i’'m a newbie at all can you?)

That would be a custom development project, so can’'t really help out with specifics on developing this–sorry.

OK! Thanks for your help