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Openfire - spark "send file to user" over internet problem

Hi All

I’m new in openfire , would like to find out what’s the requirement in order for the “sending file to user” to work" i’m able to send via intranet but fail on internet .

what’s the require port to communicated .


Usually file transfer happens peer to peer if both clients can connect to each other.

  • If clients can’t see/reach each other you may try enabling File Transfer Proxy in Openfire (Server > Server Settings > File Transfer Settings). Such transfer will be much slower. You will need to open the port listed there.
  • Spark has problems in current version with sending files outside of its local LAN. So i suggest trying other XMPP client (Pidgin, Gajim, etc.) or maybe older version like https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/releases/tag/v2.7.7

downgradeed to 2.7.7 windows , still the same problem .
after negotiating the connection stream , straight fail .

Try the proxy option and maybe some other client. Also check Openfire and Spark logs (appdata/spark/logs). Maybe they will show something useful.

i’m now install both with 2.7.7 version ,
finally i can share file over internet …
but here come another problem .
i CANT share file over intranet …(locally)

any idea ?

log from client side show not error at all .
no related error log showing from the openfire server side as well

Finally i figure out already…

2.7.7 works with intranet and internet


Did you have to enable File Transfer Proxy or is it working without it?

that’s the funny part…
when the proxy is disable , sometime it works , sometime it don’t .
the 2.7.7 also having problem file sharing with the latest version of spark , even within intranet .

so my solution is , all client change to 2.7.7
2.7.7 works with intranet and internet (windows version)
for firewall side , i just enable NAT 5222 and 7777 which is by default . i do configure my DNS as advise .

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