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Openfire + spark + SSO = myth


is it a myth that I can get openfire and spark to work with single sign on?

I’ve lost about 12 hours of my life trying to get this to work.

has anyone got a how to?

It’s a huge pain in the ass, but it can be done. Remember that Openfire must be installed on a windows server.


Ummm… well if that doc from 2008 works, I’ll buy you a beer.

I’ll start from scratch again.

Well using that doc as a basis and with some help from the forums i got it working myself a few months ago. So there’s that.

Also check out



i’m just going to pay for lync

sso is a piece of cake getting up and running in a windows environment!


i just read it does not work with UAC!

correct. I disable uac within my domain because I have multiple applications that don’t play nice with it.

UAC is only a problem is the user is a local administrator, for limited users it works just fine. Also the UAC prompt can be sidestepped if you run Spark in the Task Scheduler as a elevated task.

woop! got it working

only 16 hours of my life, now deployment!

So your problem was with the UAC?