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Openfire & Spark SSO with ADAM


I currently have a linux server running openfire authenticating against an ADAM server which replicates users and groups needed from 3 windows AD domains. This is working fine, but I’d like to get SSO working with the current implementation. There are documents describing how to get SSO working against AD, but no mention of ADAM.

Is this even possible, since the users are logging into AD and not the ADAM instance that openfire uses for it’s authentication?


you should be able to. ADAM supports kerberos so you should be good.

So, just to be clear, I should be able to go through the steps in the same manner but pointing all references to LDAP instead to ADAM and be good?

Thanks Much.

Nevermind. I see that no single document really exists, so I’ll have to piece-meal my way through the linux-to-AD stuff. Thanks for the help!