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Openfire/spark tweaks


We are using spark with openfire and I wonder if we can do something to achieve the:

  1. Every user’s contact list has specified people in there. I mean I want to add all domain users to be as default in sparks contact list

  2. If that’s not possible can we get rid of the accept/deny when someone wants to add a user?

  3. Can I deploy spark settings? The defaults are quite terrible. But having 300 users I don’t feel like changing it for everyone. Tried copying the spark.properties via GPO but when spark starts on startup it doesn’t affect it.


  1. If by domain you mean AD, then there is an option to have LDAP integration and pull users/groups from AD. Then you can enable sharing in these groups settings in Openfire Admin Console and share with all or particular groups. Can’t help with the actual LDAP integration setup. Search the forums.

  2. Install Subscription plugin and set to accept all requests automatically in subscription settings.

  3. spark.properties should go into C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Spark\

I’m able to deploy it via GPO startup script, so it should work. Of course, this way it won’t have the correct login information for users and they will have to put their credentials in. Also you should do a check if a profile already exists and do not overwrite it every time. I check for other folders (like plugins). If their exist, it means Spark was launched once.