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Openfire/Spark - Way for an admin to remotely change another user presence/status

Hello all! My first post in the forums.

I recently installed and deployed Openfire/Spark in our office and so far it is working without issues. I work for an engineering company and our users have to go to meetings and field visit during working ours. They sign in/out on a sheet at the front desk to let other users know their location. I have setup Spark to change to “Away” after 5 minutes of inactivity. When my users leave the office for any meeting or site visit they don’t update/change Spark status but they do sign the sheet. My question. Is there a way for an admin to modify their status/presence so other users can see they are outside the office without going to the front desk and looking at the sign in sheet? Maybe a plugin or web interface? Ideally we would like the receptionist seating at the front desk to be able to change the users status.

Thank you in advanced for any help.

There is no such option. Presence is only managed by the user or his/her client only. Maybe you have to change practices and teach your users to change their status message in Spark before leaving.